Friday, November 7, 2008

Dedicated to Mom

Look what we found! we love you mom and miss you so much. Make sure you turn up your volume for this. It is hilarious

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another week

Thames River. We walk this way everyday to and from work. Most the time there are rowing teams of 2,3 or 4 men and women racing in the water

Hello Family,
Another week has gone by and the adventures just continue. We decided to make brownines, well I am not so good with the oven yet and sure enough it didn't work this time either. They were crispy black on the outside and runny brownie batter on the inside. The ovens are really werid. So needless to say I'll be using the cook top for a while. Things have been about the same, we are busy at work and they did find another couple to come over and help us. They are suppose to be coming in November.. We are on box 253 and we have to 8200. So we need all the help we can get. Last weekend we went to the Chelsea Soccer Stadium. It is massive. They are one of the premire teams in the world. We hope to be able to go to a game, but we will have to save up for awhile. We told Logan and he was estatic. He kenw all the players, their positions and everything. We also went to a castle from t he era of Henry the eighth. It was a cold rainy day so it was hard to enjoy it. I am really glad t hat I wasn't born in the days of old. We are getting better at the bus thing. We went to ASDA it is the english version of Walmart and last time it took us 2 hours to get there, this time we cut it down to one hour. So we are feeling pretty good about it. We end up in the bus garage many times and then they tell us we have to get off. But we don't want to because we don't know where we are. We always hope we are on the right bus, but more often than not we are not. I'm not sure what we are going to do this weekend. The other couple that is here want to go exploring somewhere, so maybe we'll do that. They are nice people and live in Morgan. They have a car so maybe it'll be fun riding around with them for a change. I sure hope that everyone is doing good. It is so nice to have this e-mail to keep in touch with everyone. I even get to sneak a phone call in once in a while. Thank you for all of your support. Natalie I am excited for you. I too hope it's a girl then with Heather' s little girl you can have all kinds of good times together. If not a little boy soccer player is cute too. We miss you all. Take care.

Love Cynda


Dad with big Bird at the Archives I dont think he dared stand any closer!

Having Luch @ archives. Can you tell which one looks like Whoopie Golberg and the guy by me is totally from Where the Heart is movie. You know the "squeeker" the guy next to me is the guy who says "go ahead give it a little tug" I really think its him.

Dad's best friend Donald he loves dad and wants to come visit when we get home. OH NO!

This is where we work, the cold dark and dreary world.


Outside our apartment window, we are on the 3rd floor above an Italian Restaurant

Our kitchen, Laudryroom and pantry, Yep this is what we pay $1500 a month for plus tax and utilities.

Our bedroom, study and family room. Dad hasn't changed he still has the remote control to the TV tightly in his hands

Howdy,Well it is friday again, thank goodness!! By the end of the week my eyes are tired and ready for a break. But I'll get better I'm sure. I just cross the days off the calendar day by day. We did finally get into our apartment. We did have a few minor problems. The water heater didn't work so we had cold water. So the gas man came and declared our apartment unsafe so he turned off the gas and water. We did have cold water though. We still stayed there because we had no where else to go. We just couldn't eat or hot shower. But we got that fixed, now the toilet doesn't flush. But dan thinks he has that under control. They are suppose to fix that on Monday. Our computer also can't get the internet up in the attic where we are, but we will work on getting that going. So we just use the internet at the Archives. What an adventure, I 've decided there is no need to be grumpy about it, so we have just started to laugh. We saw a man standing outside on the street by our apartment talking to his friend with only a towel wrapped around him. It was hilarious. We have to laugh about things otherwise we would cry. The people we work with at the Archives have been very nice. Dan and I aren't so good at this stuff but they have been patient. There are 4 of us missionaries and the other 3 are paid. One looks just like Whoopie Golberg. Her name is Margeret. It's a great experience to meet all these people. Dan has become really good friends with an autistic boy named Donald. He loves to rub dans hair. Especially after he gets it cut. It is so funny. He and Dan are like best friends. Last night we were invited to some members house for dinner. We got lost as usual both coming and going. This bus system is out of control. We haven't decided what to do for the weekend yet, but I'm sure we will go touring some where. Many of you have asked for our address, well don't send any mail because the place we live is not the best for mail delivery and anyone can look through the mail,so I am not sure if I would ever get it. It's kind of a scary place. So I appreciate the thought but it would just be better to e-mail me. Even though rolls from mom would be a delight, it just isn't going to happen. I know you all want to send me something for my birthday, does the 28th ring a bell, but don't worry about it we will party when I get home.I don't trust all the neighbors scavenging through the mail. We did go into London last Saturday and yes it's just like the movies. We rode on double decker buses and wandered through mobs of people. Dad wanted to get his haircut but it was 44 dollars. So we found a super cuts in the bus station and he paid 20 instead. Might be a while before he gets another. He might be coming home looking like one of the Beatles. We are hoping that now things are settled down a bit we will be more organized. We go to the store almost everyday because there is no cupboard space and a cooler for a fridge and room enough for a mini ice tray in the freezer, so the grocery store is almost a must everyday. There is a washing machine in the apartment. You can wash about 3 pairs of garments and a white shirt. It serves as a dryer too. The clothes come out so steaming hot that you can barely touch them. Before I washed any clothes I ran a cycle on the washing machine. Well it took 2 hours. That is the cycle for cottons. Crazy huh!! Since then I just use the 30 minute silk cycle. Oh the experiences of the mission. I do miss all of you and pray that your life is healthy and happy. It's not fun being away from those you love. But it is nice to know that I can call or e-mail anytime. Talk to you soon. Lots of love Cynda

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Traffic going to London. We were on a double decker bus when we took the picture.

Picadilly Circus........ It's total madness and Claustraphobia!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello from England

hello everyone,
it's sunday afternoon here in East Sheen England. We arrived safely and have had almost a full week here now. thought I would send everyone a letter letting you know what is happening. We are living in an apartment while the family vacations in the US. But we have found ourselves a little flat up the street and will be moving there next weekend. we will be glad to stop living out of a suitcase and settle in for a while. the weather has been very hot. dan told me how cold it would be so i only brought sweaters, but i am sure i will be needing them soon. the archives where we do the filming is a 30 minute walk each way. we arrive there at 7:30 am and work for 8 hours. it is rather boring and tedious but it is the lords work and it needs to be done. so we are trying to be happy about it. the people here have been so helpful as we have gotten lost on the bus routes several times. The ward has been great, the bishop stopped by to visit and stayed for 4 hours. I don't know if he was hoping for dinner, but I certainly didn't have anything to offer him. He is an African American from Ghana and a very nice man. We were picked up today by some members around the corner and they drove us for about 1/2 hour to church. We enjoyed church and were even asked to speak. The ward had a munch and mingle after where we enjoyed a potluck lunch before driving home. It has been a really interesting experience here. this week has been crazy trying to get settled and such. we took a train to London last night where we tried the subway and the busing systems. We visited the Hyde Park Chapel famous for all of the church leaders who served in England in the early period of the church. We were also able to go to the temple when we arrived here and as you all know my heart is very dear to the temple. It was a great experience. Dan and I and one other sister was the only ones in the session. So we walk alot and eat very little, but we are learning the ways of the British and maybe in 17 months we will have it figured out. We sure do miss everyone though and even though it's great to serve and see other parts of the world, there is nothing like home. I would love to hear from any of you. We don't have a address yet, but our phone number is 011447531386377. . Remember we are 7 hours a head of you. the network works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't but if you call it will let us know and we will figure out how to call you back. I pray that all is going well, we pray for you and love you all dearly. thank you for all your love and support. we really are trying to do the best and be the best that we can. Oh and the most fabulous part about England is the FLOWERS in the flowers shops are amazing. I love when we walk by the flowers stands Keep in touch Always.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loving life at the MTC

Dan and I arrived at the MTC on Monday the 14th of July. We had a great time and met all kinds of other couples going all over the world to serve the Lord. I loved seeing the young elders at the MTC, the amount of food they eat was mind boggling. We really grew to admire their dedication and determination to become servants of the Lord. Thank goodness we only stayed until friday, because our brains were over loaded with stuff to remember. We came back home on Friday Night to stay until our plane leaves on Monday to fly over the pond to London England.